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Where to Start a Blog – The First Step to Take

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Have you ever felt that you too can be a good blogger? Have you gone through countless blogs thinking that you have what it takes and you are capable of what they are doing? If you think that you could start your own blog and make some money out of it too, then it’s highly likely that you would also be thinking of how to do it. And for people like you, the first question you need to answer is “where to start a blog?”When doing searches for advice on where to start a blog, you’d normally get a number of suggestions, (a) get a domain name, (b) look for a blog hosting platform, (c) think of your niche market, or (d) come up first with a name for your blog. And the right answer is? (e) None of the above.

Technically speaking, each of the choices above can be your starting point in building your blog site. You can even mish and mash the order in which you will do them, but the most important element should be the one first taken care of, and to a blog, it will be always the blogger.Not everyone can be a blogger, in a sense that not everyone can make blogging a hobby or a business endeavor that is successful. For example, if a guy buys a high end DSLR camera, learns the basics in using it, and then totes it around taking pictures; this still doesn’t make him a photographer. A camera, no matter how good it is only as good as the one taking the pictures. Without a good eye to spot a great opportunity, and without the sense to develop a fantastic composition, plus the skill and know how in post production, it would be difficult to assert one’s self as a photographer. And this goes the same for the blogger.A true blogger should know about the tools of the trade and know where to start a blog. He should be able to develop good writing skills, and it’s not just grammar, it’s about the composition as well. Develop a writing style that flows smoothly from one paragraph to the next, and use words that can easily let the readers comprehend what he is trying to convey.

Aside from the skills, you need to be highly dedicated to your endeavor. Even if you have great skills, if you get too complacent, then you can be prone to errors. No matter how good you are in writing, you need to constantly develop yourself and become better.


Written by vasquezgenevieve9

January 10, 2017 at 5:30 am